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Saturday16 December 2017

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GMT 102 Total Station |Electronic Total Station



GMT 102 Total Station makes surveying easier.

 GMT 102 Total Station

Dual-Axis Compensator

GMT-102/LR are equipped with an advanced dual axis tilt sensor ( electronic bubble ) which ensures error free angle readings even if instrument is not fully levelled or on uneven terrain.

Absolute Encoders

  These total stations feature absolute angle measurement technology for stable readings. No initialization is required even after accidental power off cycle.

High Speed Microcontroller Core

GMT-102/LR total stations incorporate an ARM Cortex – M processor for very high performance and low power consumption.

Reflectorless EDM

Fast distance measurement ( <1.5 sec) is possible for objects upto 350 meter away ( 102 ) / 600 meter ( 102LR). Coaxial EDM beam and laser pointer ensure precise measurements.

Laser Plummet

The alidade of these total stations are fitted with a laser plummet for fast setup and long term precise setups without the need for frequent calibration.

Data Storage

User has option of using internal memory, USB pen drive and SD card for data transfer.

Special Handle Design/Diagonal Eyepiece

An optional attachment is available which allows for observations right upto zenith. The handle is designed to ensure very steep measurements , a very useful feature for verticality checking applications.

Extra Long Life Battery

GMT-102/LR total stations are equipped with a 4400mAh battery which ensure at least three days of working without a recharge.

Data Transfer Software

GMT data transfer office application supports different types of data formats such as AutoCad Type / CSV / Excel etc

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