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Saturday16 December 2017

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Laser Tools

Sokkia LX34/32 Cross Line Laser

Thanks to the remarkable leveling speed, wide operating area and certified SOKKIA quality, the LX32 and LX34 greatly increase work efficiency in leveling, plumbing, alignment and layout applications. Read More...

Sokkia LX442 Cross Line Laser

Featuring full-crossline and swift self-leveling, the LX442 ensures greater productivity in leveling, plumbing, alignment and layout, in both interior and exterior applications. Read More...

Sokkia LV1 Laser Plummet

Precision Laser Plummet (5 sec acc.)
High-precision plumb with twin visible laser beams (upward & downward); Unbeatable Plumbing Accuracy.
Sokkia's LV1 offers the highest level of plumb precision in its class: ±5" above and ±1' below. Since laser beams are directed both up and down, it is easy to locate points vertically above and directly below a given reference point. Also, the small-diameter of the visible beam (7mm upward, 2mm downward) facilitates positioning. Read More..


Sokkia Vega Distancemeter

The VEGA distance measurement laser is the quickest and most economical way to calculate distance, area and volumes at the push of a button. The VEGA is much more than a simple “in-line” laser measurement device, use it for indirect distance and height measurements, angles, combined distance calculations, and easily switch between front, rear and tripod distance. It’s 80m range makes it perfect for timed measurements for volume applications, and the rechargeable battery provides up to 25,000 measurements on a single charge. Read More...

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K K Geosytem new products



> Focus 3D-X-30

> Focus 3D-X-330-HDR

> Focus 3D-S-120

> Focus 3D-X-130

> Focus 3D-X-330

> Focus S-150

> Focus S-350

> Freestyle 3D Laser Scanner

> Faro Scan Localizer


> Scanify 3d Scanner

> DPI-8 Scanner 


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