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Saturday16 December 2017

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Sokkia B40/B30/B20

Sokkia B Series automatic levels feature enhanced reliability under all environmental conditions. Tough and compact bodies are more tightly sealed against water, humidity and dust (IPx6). The B series levels provide quick setup, easy sighting, and superior durability against vibration and shock, ensuring the increased productivity over an extra-long period of time. Read More...

Sokkia SDL30/50

The SDL30/SDL50 is an accurate, dependable digital level that combines user-friendly convenience with unprecedented cost performance. Used with Sokkia's unique RAB-Code (RAndom Bi-directional Code) staff, measurement capabilities are greatly improved.
All the user has to do is aim the staff, adjust the focus, and then with a single touch of a key the SDL30/SDL50 accurately measures height and distance. The results are indicated digitally on an LCD display to make all kinds of leveling work performed quickly and easily. Read More..

Sokkia SDL 1X

The SDL1X is designed to achieve the highest precision and productivity in leveling and height measurement applications. From Intelligent Auto Focus to wireless operation, a number of innovative technologies are implemented for unmatched reliability while eliminating error factors during measurement. Read More..

2LS Orion

Maximize production and reduce errors
The Orion+ is an economical digital automatic level perfect for any leveling or grade-checking job. Using technology typically found only on high-precision surveying instruments costing much more, its easy "point-and-shoot" electronic design eliminates guesswork and potential errors. By reading the bar code on an elevation rod, Orion+ never makes a mistake. Simply point the Orion+ at the bar coded tape, focus and shoot. High-accuracy height and distance measurements are displayed on its large, high-contract LCD panel. Human error is eliminated, improving both productivity and quality on every job! Choose metric or imperial measurements to work the way you want. Read More..

Sokkia SDG1

The SDG1 creates a grade laser plane for slope works in land preparation, foundation and other general construction applications. The advanced technologies employed in the SDG1 improve construction productivity. Read More..

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